Readers of Frank Bing’s letter (“Protect our public schools,” AFN, May 27) should take care to note his praise of the Arizona Education Network (AEN) and its rating of Arizona legislators on votes during the 2011 session.

Don’t confuse “non-partisan” with “objective” or “unbiased” because the AEN is another lobby group supporting the educational bureaucracy with its continued blank check on taxpayers’ money. That AEN rated most Republican votes as 100 percent against and most Democrat votes as 100 percent for lends question to even the non-partisan claim.

Most Legislative District 20 property owners have no idea that 20 percent of Kyrene students live outside the Kyrene School District.

Not only is the Kyrene bureaucracy keeping open one middle school and three elementary schools for out-of-district students, the district even pays for transportation from other districts like the South Phoenix Corridor and Maricopa. Even worse, the Kyrene district employs “marketing” representatives to recruit more out-of-district students.

The April 29 article (“Kyrene weighs staff cuts,” AFN) didn’t mention eliminating these recruiters, the busses for out-of-district students, nor the teaching and school support staff required for the 3,000-plus non-Kyrene students.

If expecting school bureaucrats to recognize that they can no longer command unquestioned and unlimited tax increases classifies them as 100 percent against education, I commend all three legislators for forcing districts to tighten the purse strings. School bureaucrats need to wake up and smell the coffee - their days of unlimited budgets are over.

Sandra Miller

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