I'm really surprised Linda Turley-Hansen didn't mention her own divorce in her Sept. 25 column: "Divorce not the answer, living smarter is." She sure talked about divorce as being "the answer" when she spoke at an Arizona State University brown bag lunch I attended in 1992. Her words were highly memorable to me due to my own situation at the time, plus I'm a journalist, too.

On that day, Turley-Hansen didn't mention domestic violence, or infidelity, or any of the "Biblical reasons" for her divorce. She just said she was on her knees cleaning a toilet one day, very depressed, and suddenly she knew she had to get a divorce. So her talk to us adult re-entry students was about how to work and stay "tuned in" to your children so that it's possible to do it all.

Now she cites the gospel of Fox business news that would have you believe people would stay married if they could just stop buying Starbucks. The truth is, it's a lot more complicated than that. I'm sure Turley-Hansen would agree, so I'm just so baffled as to why she wrote a whole column on the subject without any mention of her own divorce.

By:Deb Davis

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