The president of the United States of America visits Arizona to highlight the success of Intel, one of the largest employers in the state, and is greeted at the airport by a governor, representing our state, wagging her finger in his face. Jan Brewer's incredibly rude behavior, lack of decorum and civility, and plain bad manners are despicable and inexcusable.

As a resident of the state, I am deeply embarrassed, ashamed, angered, and disgusted by the small, childish, divisive, partisan, domineering, and mean actions of she and the myriad of our other local, regional, and state so called "leaders." In their "all-knowing omniscience," they know exactly what is going to be in the State of the Union address before it is even given. Before the president's plane even lands in Arizona and he gives his speech at Intel, they know he is going to claim credit for Intel's success. Their petty, negative, destructive words and actions give us all a bad name. They are not what will "lead" Arizona into a productive and prosperous future. Brewer can try to put all the "spin" she wants on her behavior, but Arizona has become the laughing stock of the nation, and those who would defend or excuse her behavior are part of the problems in this state.

Corrinne Reed

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