Wes Gullet advocated for a water-rate increase before he opposed it. He helped organize labor before it became popular to oppose unions. He worked on a plan to enact an art's tax before he decided the city shouldn't raise taxes or fees. He says he's been "consistent throughout (his) campaign about (his) strong support for enforcing SB1070," yet prior to his campaign he "personally opposed" SB1070. His firm managed the campaign against the ballot initiative that required verifying immigration status prior to voter registration and receiving public benefits.

Gullet's extensive lobbying experience is too much for me. That said, I could support a candidate with lobbying experience - but only if the candidate's campaign positions align with those they were previously paid to advocate. That doesn't seem to be the case with Gullet.

Gullet has done a good job of convincing some he is a "conservative," "outsider," "reformer," and "businessman, not politician," even though his past experience as Phoenix Planning Commission chairman, Arizona Governor's chief of-staff, senator's aide, and, most recently, special interest lobbyist seems to indicate otherwise.

Gullet's firm's website states that it employs "heavy hitters" and is "A group of top notch pros who know how to do politics right." I suppose that's why many organizations seek out Gullet when they need a capable lobbyist to push their agenda.

Chad Blostone

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