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A student prepares for the second run around the distracted driving course, but this time must try to type a text message while driving through the course.

Collary Dennis/Special to AFN

Regarding a recent AAA Arizona “Texting while driving is an increasing problem” article it says, “Nine in 10 Americans believe distracted driving is a much bigger problem today.” I agree, and something needs to be done. Texting while driving endangers the driver and the people around them, and causes the driver to be “engaged in additional dangerous behaviors behind the wheel.”

First, texting while driving is a hazard to both the driver and everyone around them. A few years ago, there was a little girl in my neighborhood who went on a bike ride with her family. When she was crossing the street, a car turned the corner and hit her. The driver, who was texting, never saw her and killed her instantly. All it took was one text, that probably was not important, to end the little girl’s life. If the driver had not been texting, they most likely would have seen the little girl, and she would still be alive.

Secondly, cell phone-using drivers tend to perform “additional dangerous behaviors behind the wheel.” In a survey, held by the AAA, “65 percent (were) reported speeding, 44 percent (were) reported driving while drowsy, and 29 percent drove without a seatbelt.” The AAA also discovered that “61 percent of young drivers (age 16-24) (were) reported to have read a text while driving.” So texting and driving not only puts harm on others, but it also causes reckless driving and law breaking.

Drivers who use a cell phones while driving tend to drive recklessly and tend to break driving laws. They also jeopardize human lives and their own lives. If there was a law against texting and driving, lives would be saved and the roads would be safer. There should be a ban against texting and driving.

Alyssa Tawzer

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