Why do you read? Maybe you like to enjoy a novel, where the hero always wins, or you could read to find out what history of governments are available. Everyone has heard of the World War II, and knows that we fought “strongmen” leaders of Germany, Italy, and Russia. Did you ever wonder why such dictators emerged? The people in these countries were no different than people of America. These countries had dictators as their leaders. These leaders had a fanatic need for power, and used this power to cruelly control their population. You might wonder what caused this to happen. If you read “The Road to Serfdom,” by F.A. Hayek, it is outlined in his book. These countries had, what Hayek calls, hot socialism. Hot socialism is when a government controls all production in the country (I think of this as communism). Segueing to America.

The reason for you to read about past history is to correlate it to what we are doing today, in America. By appointing 33 czars, President Obama has taken control of our economy. As explained above, this is hot socialism. All of the czars take direction from Obama, eliminating any power that the Legislature has held, and making him equivalent to “strongmen” that we have fought in WWII.

My question is “does America learn any lessons from this, or does America charge forward, knowing that Obama is going to destroy us?

It seems to me that Congress should go to the Supreme Court and have the court force the removal of all of the czars that Obama has appointed, making the administration follow the Constitution again. This would be a start, but all of Obama’s legislation needs to be reviewed for constitutionality.

Don Crook

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