What's fair?

Dear Editor:

I'm not sure how C.W. Griffin ("Capitalism thrives under socialists," AFN, July 28) makes the connection that our current income tax policy redistributes wealth from the rich to the poor when you look at the U.S. treasury "take" of taxes. The top 5 percent of wage earners pay 54 percent of total income taxes, while the bottom 50 percent consistently pay less and less of the total. So if there's wealth redistribution, it's going from the rich to the poor, not the other way around.

To be worried about the top .01 percent earners over the $13 million mark reeks of class envy. Who cares what wealthy people pay, it makes no difference to my individual tax rate? And why should anyone pay a higher rate? What's fair about that? Wouldn't the ultimate fairest tax policy be that everyone pays the same amount and are allowed to keep what they earn beyond that?

The progressive tax pinches harder and harder the more you earn. And if pinching those high earners could assure steady GDP growth, wouldn't we just do that as policy and never have a shrinking economy or recessions? Government revenues have tripled since 1965, so they are getting their "share" regardless of rates.

Also, could Mr. Griffin write a piece without mentioning Rush Limbaugh or Joseph Goebbels?

Mark Burckhard

We've got to come to our senses

Dear Editor:

I have lived in Arizona for more than 40 years and am really heart broken over the division and the hatred that has spread throughout Arizona in regards to SB1070 and the immigration issue. I would like to thank Randal J. Jacoby for "Put Things In Perspective" (AFN, July 30).

As I see things unfolding before my eyes I cannot believe how quickly half-truths are accepted as facts. How fear and hatred are spreading like a wild fire. People that I had once considered intelligent and level-headed are running around believing that "those immigrants" are the cause of all the terror, drugs-trafficking and all their misfortunes. Now I can clearly see how Hitler was able to do all that he did, and he did it legally I must add.

Thank you for publishing his letter. I love Arizona, but we've got to come to our senses.

Mary L Pinon

Now and in the future

Dear Editor:

It is now legal for corrupt foreign governments to join our own federal government to sue a state for trying to uphold federal laws.

Our own state department wants the U.N. to control U.S. citizens with laws drafted by governments that hate us.

We now have the best rulers that corruption and money can buy.

In the very near future, those of us old enough to remember what this country used to be like can do the following:

• We can take our grandchildren and great grandchildren to museums to view what used to be our Constitution and our obsolete American flag with its 50 stars.

• We can tell them about a time when the majority of Americans believed in FREEDOM and the rule of law. A time when thousands of fine young men and women in the military gave their lives to protect that freedom and have died in vain. A time when this country was a proud and powerful nation always ready to fight against fascism and socialism instead of embracing it.

A time when people stood proud and worked to make their lives better instead of whining for handouts. A time when many politicians believed in our Constitution and had some ethics. A time when most people believed us to be a Christian nation.

Ted Griffieth

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