Dear Editor: I would like to respond to D. Garvey's letter in the AFN ("Does Harry Mitchell represent us?," Nov. 30). The short answer to Mr. Garvey's question is: Yes, Harry Mitchell does represent the people of Ahwatukee Foothills. The next question is: Does Garvey's letter represent reality? I don't think so. Garvey falsely accuses Mitchell of voting for HR 333 to impeach Vice President Cheney. The truth is that this bill was never even voted on in the House. Contrary to my personal belief that Cheney did purposely misrepresent intel to rush our country to war and that this does justify impeachment, Mitchell has still expressed no interest in pursuing impeachment. Garvey also wrongly stated that Mitchell voted for the DREAM Act. I could not find any mention of this bill coming to a vote in the House either. Despite Garvey's falsehoods, he was correct about Mitchell's vote on the bill that would provide funding for the occupation in Iraq on the condition that troops begin coming home, however, this is representative of the people. Polls have shown that the majority of Americans now believe that the troops should be redeployed and that the invasion and occupation of Iraq has made us less safe. By the way, do the AFN editors not have a responsibility to make sure that statements presented as facts are indeed facts? Nick Collins

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