What has happened to our high schools? Where have the moral values that were instilled in the 1950s gone? When did teachers and coaches become “sexual predators?” Why is globalism and not Americanism being taught in our taxpayer-funded classrooms and gyms?

There was a story in the news this past week about a well-to-do high school in Boca Raton, Fla., that just up and walked off the volleyball court during a championship match so that the players could attend their prom. How could a coach and the principal of this high school allow this to happen? What does that teach those volleyball players? That self-fulfillment comes before school pride? If we old geezers in the 1950s had pulled a stunt like that, we would have been expelled and our parents would have gone nuts on us.

We see Phoenix-area Hispanic high school students being encouraged to skip class and march in anti-SB 1070 activities on almost a monthly basis now. The Tucson school district had mandatory “La Raza/Ethnic Studies” programs using books and writings of socialists and communists. Our universities have almost a 100 percent left-wing faculty and teach their subjects accordingly. Even grammar school students are indoctrinated in a pro-ecology/anti-capitalism mindset. Aliens who have crossed the Mexico-Arizona border illegally are being called “undocumented immigrants” in our children’s classrooms. We not only have to worry about our nation becoming a third-world country financially but also that our children are being taught to become third-world politically.

Education needs to become American again.

Leon Ceniceros


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