In a story (“Ahwatukee Golf Properties acquires Foothills Golf Club,” AFN, Dec. 28) about the purchase of the Foothills Golf Club by Ahwatukee Golf Properties, Terry Duggan (president of Ahwatukee Golf Properties) was full of praises regarding the efficient management of their five properties. What was not mentioned was the terrible condition the Ahwatukee Lakes golf course is in and what they intend to do about it.

Not too long ago, the Ahwatukee Lakes course was considered the best executive course in the state of Arizona and one of the 10 best in the U.S. The Arizona Golf Association (AGA) played many short course tournaments there. Now, it is literally falling apart. The two-course restrooms are falling apart (roofs, ceilings caving in, etc.), as are the bridges connecting the lakes. There is no longer a snack bar/food area in the pro shop; when they overseeded last fall, all they seeded were the tee boxes and greens. There are no green fairways, only dead grass, mud and dirt.

The conditions of this “gold mine” of a property, which I have played for more than 20 years, is enough to bring tears to your eyes.

The location of the “gem” would seem ideal from a business point of view. It’s the only “executive course” in the area, which serves the needs of many young players, as well as seniors. In our hot summers, many golfers would prefer playing a “short” course rather than a “long” one.”

I would hope that the “management” of the Ahwatukee Golf Properties sees the potential in repairing and restoring this gem, “The Lakes.”

Joan McMullen

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