Thanks, Mike

Dear Editor:

I just wanted to say I loved what Mike Smothers wrote about Facebook and Twitter (“The Bird Man finally Tweets,” AFN, March 5). I have been trying to explain this to my mom for the longest time because she, too, refuses to even look twice at changing anything or advancing to social networking. I am glad she was able to read this and decide to give it a chance!

Marissa Chacon


It’s the right you have to worry about

Dear Editor:

Since the media chooses to perpetuate myth born out of political agenda, I’d like to take this opportunity to shed some light on just one of their deceits. We all know the drill – right-wingers are dangerous fanatics that just might, if you push them, tip over into violence.

Recently our media told us that John Bedell, the man killed while trying to shoot his way into the Pentagon, was a right-wing/tea-partier. Somehow, when the The New York Times ran that, they left out that this “right-winger” was a registered Democrat prone to ranting against the Bush Administration.

Let’s consider some other infamous names from the past decade: Bruce Ivins, the anthrax mailer; John Allen Muhammed, the DC Sniper; Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter; Kimveer Gill, the 2006 Montreal shooter; Naveed Haq, the 2006 Seattle Jewish Center shooter; Sulejman Talovi, the 2007 Salt Lake City mall shooter; Steven Kazmierczak, the 2008 Northern Illinois University shooter; Nidal Hassan, the 2009 Fort Hood shooting suspect; Joe Stack, the Austin IRS attacker; Amy Bishop, the 2010 University of Alabama shooting suspect.

What did they all have in common? They all killed under an anti-Republican, anti-Christian, and/or anti-capitalist banner. Not a right-winger among ‘em. Nope. All left-wingers. I’m thinking that is one heck of a coincidence.

L. Brown


New trails gouged into park

Dear Editor:

There has been significant trail construction on the south side of South Mountain Park over the past few weeks up from 17th Avenue. I am concerned because the trails are making significant visual scars on otherwise pristine areas.

One of the trails has been gouged out of a hill side using a Bobcat close to a trail that has much less visual damage. Another trail is being built at a steep angle going to the top of one of the higher mountains. This has caused another visual scar and will be subject to significant erosion during a heavy rain.

Why are these being built when the Phoenix Parks Department has posted signs indicating significant cutbacks in park services, including trail maintenance and other services?

South Mountain is a unique area with several untouched areas of great natural beauty for a park that is close to a large population. There are many, many miles of existing trails on South Mountain and I find it sad that one of the few relatively untouched areas on South Mountain is being spoiled by what seems to be random trail building with no regard to the environmental impact on the area.

Edward Jones


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