DiCiccio critic engages in half-truths

Dear Editor:

In a recent AFN commentary Phoenix City Councilman Michael Johnson attacked Councilman Sal DiCiccio for DiCiccio’s desire to lower city expenses rather than raise our taxes to balance the city budget (“City employees make good, middle-class salaries,” AFN, Feb. 10).

I generally tend to disagree, as I think the majority of Ahwatukee does, with Councilman Johnson’s position on issues.

However, there is one statement he made I agree with – he said “right now our council needs true leadership, not hot air, half truths, rhetoric and misleading information.” That is what our council needs but judging by the statements made by Johnson he’s not the person to deliver that.

The way I read it, he grossly misstates DiCiccio’s position. Johnson is “quite disturbed Councilman DiCiccio is attempting to mislead and convince the public that city employees earn, on average, $100,000 a year.” The way I read it that’s not DiCiccio’s position at all.

In DiCiccio’s commentary he states “the average cost for all city employees is $100,000 a year, including benefits.” I’d be surprised to learn Johnson doesn’t know the difference between pay and total compensation. Johnson should take his own advice and not engage in “half truths, rhetoric and misleading information.”

Chad Blostone


Quality, family run jewelers

Dear Editor:

I was pleasantly surprised to read the letter (“Local jewelry store shines”) from Cher Nelson in the Feb. 12 edition of AFN regarding Sommers Jewelry. I also read about their opening in your paper a few months ago and had been looking for a place to repair my wife’s wedding ring, which needed some small stones replaced and general tightening up. The big three local stores gave high repair quotes, but really wanted to remake the ring. We’ve been married a long time and this wasn’t satisfactory for such a sentimental item. I even tried a jewelry repair franchise in a local mall, and they were also quite high.

So I took the ring over to Chris and Karen’s store next to Panda Express. He immediately impressed me with his extensive experience in all aspects of the business, which immediately inspired both confidence and trust. Not a word about remaking the ring, and the repair quote was below everyone else. When the ring was returned in a few days, the workmanship was perfect. Better than new since the small stones were more secure.

It’s very nice to have quality family-run businesses in our community with personable and expert proprietors.

Tim Lank

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