In the practice of successfully running any business in America, the success rests squarely on the shoulders of those people in charge whose job it is to see to it that the workplace is managed fairly, without exception.

Locally in our own neighborhood, attention should be called to the Ahwatukee Recreation Center (ARC). It appears the general manager and board of directors are in agreement as how to deal with an employee should they deem this employee “unworthy” of further employment at the ARC. Over the years, individuals have been dismissed on a moment’s notice for petty grievances or, most ridiculous, believing the complaints of certain folks who have too much time on their hands and more than likely, have never held down a job. The dismissed employee is not given the right to confront their accusers, who in turn, must provide proof of their accusations. As a matter of fact, quite the contrary. Management seems to be quite taken with the phrase that Arizona does not require them to have a reason for dismissing an employee. This type of verbiage has been used in defense of their actions. May I add that the same treatment is applied to members who have worked at the ARC. Do they not realize that a member is also a share holder?

Is this not a right in America? This right is a part of our Constitution and needs to be applied to the matters mentioned above and any other business practice taken up within the campus of the ARC. Currently, the behavior and business protocol practiced by the ARC renders any dismissed individual (and there have been many) with a sense of embarrassment, humiliation and anger. This nonsense needs to stop. There is no room for this sort of bullying approach to personnel situations. It is beneath the dignity of the ARC membership.

Carol Miklica

(Editor’s note: The Ahwatukee Recreation Center declined comment).

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