Susan B. Anthony dollar

More than 850 million Susan B. Anthony dollars were minted before they were scrapped because of poor consumer acceptance.

Jim Rogers, a famous investor, tells us that nations that save and invest these savings will have growth and prosperity. America is on the wrong path. We don’t have savings, and we are loaded with debt. We also consume more than we export, and have done so for many years. The Federal Reserve is debasing the dollar, so its worth keeps declining. The days of the U.S. dollar being king is no longer true. The next stage of our decline will occur when all of our dollars come home and cause inflation to surge. This is all planned by our administration, with massive monetary help by the FED.

A lot of our evils were caused by our Petrodollar recycling program (1973). This is when we forced Saudi Arabia to take all of the profits from Aramco (the largest company in the world) and purchase treasury bonds. The Saudis now have $80 trillion of bonds, and the Saudis’ next step is to redeem them. Does anyone out there think that this won’t affect our economy?

Don Crook

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As far as I can tell, the Tea Party, Fox News, Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, Erik Erickson, and Alex Jones all got high on some killer bud, made a baby together, and then that baby took acid and wrote this "editorial". What a crazy rant.

Citing some sources is always a good thing, but if this guy did that, he'd have to actually find real facts, or present those "funny" facts the right wing always throws out that never check out. Then we'd disprove those facts with real facts, and expose the crazy.

Easy old white people, turn off the cable news, AM radio hate talk, and internet, then go outside and look around. Life's not at all what the doomsday folks are telling you.

Obama has been made a rich man by this country, you do know that, right? If he's trying to destroy America, he's not doing a very good job of it.

The stock market has doubled since he was sworn in, corporate profits are at all time highs, federal taxes are near 50 year lows, and the deficit is shrinking at a record pace.

Look it up. But be warned, what you find will shake your crazy little Tea Party world.

Do we have problems? Oh yeah. Is the end of America near?


Or, don't believe reality, keep listening to snake oil salesmen on the radio and cable news, and live your golden years in fear of pretend stuff, while those snake oil salesmen get rich off of you.

Better yet, just admit there's a black guy in the White House and you can't stand it.



Please practice what you preach. Instead of telling readers to look it up, why not post your documentation that supports your claims. I'd like to see that from you, and Mr. Crook as well. Then I can decide who has the better propaganda... er, excuse me, facts.

By the way, nice way to play the race card. Never fails.


Well, JC, it's not my editorial, and I encourage people to check for themselves, but here goes.....

Deficit shrinking faster than expected:

Federal taxes near lows:

Stock market up under Obama:

Obama's last financial disclosure form:

Fox News wins right to lie on TV (joined by other major broadcast corps, to be fair)

So bam! That just happened JC! :-)

For the record, I'm a white guy in my 50's. I'm not happy with a lot of what Obama's done, but I'm ticked at the guy for being W the 2nd, not because he's anywhere near being a socialist. Heck, he staffed the White House with banksters and CEO's.

Here's a list of Goldman Sachs folks who work or have worked in the WH. BTW, I'm not vouching for this site, but you'll recognize the names.

Goldman Sachs is hardly a socialist enclave. I can get tons more, just say the word.

If it wasn't a race thing, why would anyone call him an anti-American socialist from Kenya out to destroy America if they can't prove any of that? The guy was head of what, the Harvard Law Review? He takes his wife out on date nights, loves his daughters, he overcame a lot to become President, and somehow instead of him being the poster boy for the American Dream, he's painted as "not one of us".

What else could it be but race based? Unless you have some way to prove he's some kind of Manchurian Candidate, in which case I'm all ears.

I will admit it's genius, however, for the far right to paint him as "not one of us", it really brings in the money. Let me know if you want me to cite sources for that as well.

Now it's your turn. Prove me wrong.


BTW, the offensive line in Mr. Crook's rant is this:

"The next stage of our decline will occur when all of our dollars come home and cause inflation to surge. This is all planned by our administration, with massive monetary help by the FED."

Aside from accusing Obama of treason, he's painting him as some kind of James Bond super villain.

I'd like to see the sources for that fun fact very much.

How about we go after Obama for the drones dropping bombs on civilians? Or the the NSA reading this post right now? Maybe we could discuss Guantanamo, which I think is a concentration camp, violates our ideals, and brings shame on my great country.

How about those "too big to fail" banks being even bigger and the next collapse will be even worse. Why hasn't he gone after the people who lied about Iraq and caused the deaths of 4000 American soldiers, a war that will cost us trillions over the coming decades in healthcare for the over 40,000 injured Americans? Or the people who approved the use of torture and further shamed the country I love?

Why don't we go after Obama for real things, instead of making stuff up?


Hey, Chet, thanks for doing your homework. I only thought it fair that you should back up your comments, as you had requested Mr. Crook to do. Perhaps he will follow up with his sources, if he follows this at all online.

I'm not out to prove you right or wrong. For me at least, race doesn't matter. If the President were white, yellow, red, or blue, and had the same ideology as Mr. Obama, I'd probably have a problem agreeing with much he set out to do. You paint with too broad a stroke. Not everyone to your right on the political spectrum is a racist.

You will find charges of a conspiracy behind most every turn of events now days. The left was good at it during the Bush years, and now it is the right bringing up the scenarios.

I happen to agree with Mr. Crook that the quantitative easing policies of the Fed are a ticking time bomb/bubble just waiting to explode/burst. QE has a definite impact on how the market looks. Just look at how the market goes down every time Bernanke begins to hint at cutting back on QE. Is there a conspiracy behind this monetary policy and manipulation as Mr. Crook claims? I don't know if anyone can prove that one way or the other. Or is it just the Keynesians and Austrians (schools of economics) once again knocking heads with each other?


Hey JC, I didn't really do any homework, those are all things every American should know. Mr. Crook shouldn't write letters without sources. It's standard in editorials to show your work. At least it used to be.

I know there are people like you who don't agree with Obama on the issues. In my five plus decades I've yet to agree with any President. They all fall short, or worse.

But people who call him an anti-colonial secret muslim Marxist from Kenya out to destroy America are racist to the bone.

If Mr. Crook had stuck to the Fed, we could have had a real discussion, but he went into crazy-land.

The Fed is a conspiracy, but it's not a secret. If you know about QE then you know that whatever the Fed was supposed to be, it's become a gang of banksters ensuring massive profits for other banksters.

BTW, the Austrian school of economics is a clown car. Don't get me started, I need to get my weekend started.

How about I leave you with a quote, related to the Fed in a way, something that Mr. Crook should actually worry about, instead of imaginary Obama dangers. Something that's been said by everyone from Jesus to Jefferson in some form and I bet you'll agree with:

"History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance." – James Madison


If Austrian school = clown car
Keynesian school = insane asylum

But let's save that discussion for another time. It's a holiday weekend which I intend to enjoy, politics free!

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