Dear Editor:

What happened to common courtesy and freedom of speech in America? When did it become OK to trespass on private property in order to break the law?

Recently some cowardly ingrate, in the dark of night, entered upon my front yard (illegal trespass) and removed a sign endorsing a political candidate (violation of freedom of speech). A representative of the Phoenix Police Department tells me these covert actions occur all the time.

What do these doers of dastardly deeds hope to achieve? Do they believe they will change my mind about supporting and voting for the candidate of my choice? Not a chance! In fact, I replaced the purloined sign with another before noon the following day, and I am prepared to exercise my freedom of choice as many times as necessary to combat the ignoble acts of the ignoramuses who have nothing better to do than to prey on the patriotic freedom of speech to which I am entitled.

In the meantime, these sign-stealers throw a cloud of suspicion upon the integrity of my candidate's opponent whether that opponent is directly involved or condones the atrocious actions by his/her silence.

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