There have been many articles about Global Warming, carbon cap and trade, and sequestration of carbon dioxide. When writing about Global Warming they always indicate that its main cause is CO2 in the atmosphere, but CO2 has a Specific Gravity of 1.4, meaning that it is heavier than air, so can’t be found in the atmosphere. This is a ground hugging gas, that has positive qualities, as when it and rainwater impinge on plant life photosynthesis happens, causing plant life to emit oxygen.

It is too bad that our politicians didn’t consult the dictionary before requiring carbon sequestration, and setting up a cap and trade system. I guess that I have an ulterior motive in writing this letter. I don’t want our politicians to force the breweries in the country to eliminate CO2 from its beer, eliminating its head, and bubbles that tickle my palate.

Don Crook

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