Seven-time winners rock!

Dear Editor:

We would like to congratulate the members of the Desert Vista Theater, Speech and Debate Company. The Speech and Debate Team recently competed in the 5A State Championship tournament.

These hard-working students came home with a victory, winning first place for the seventh year in a row! Students on the team work year-round, practicing, researching and preparing for their events. They are at practice most afternoons and their weekends are given up to competing in various in-state and out-of-state tournaments. For some, their season begins in August and doesn’t end until the National Tournament in June. They are encouraged by a dedicated staff of coaches, former students and booster parents.

Go Thunder – you deserve all your success.

Linda McCormack

and Mark Porter


Harry Mitchell ‘breath of fresh air’

Dear Editor:

Living in Congressional District 5 for many years we have seen good and bad from our congressional employes representing this area and the people who live here.

The breath of fresh air for the last four years has been none other than Harry Mitchell, who has kept his finger on the pulse of our community in Washington politics. No matter who opposes him in the upcoming election they will have a hard time beating his outlook and concerns for our community. Being an independent and often voting across the party lines to select the best man or women for the job I feel Congressman Mitchell has done a excellent job for this community.

If the GOP can’t balance the budget here in the state of Arizona how can they hope to do us any good in Washington? Although they say we are against raising taxes that is not true, as you can see this year as they raised taxes on food in Phoenix.

It is way past time for reform in this country and Arizona should lead the way in doing this.

Theodore C. Langs Sr.


Grieve for growing anger

Dear Editor:

To all those individuals out there grieving over personal or financial losses, you have my utmost sympathy and respect. I, too, am grieving, but for a different reason. I am grieving for our nation. I am grieving over the fact that racism raised its ugly head recently when angry protestors, under the guise of “patriotism,” spat ugly racial and sexual epithets at Democratic lawmakers. I grieve for those lawmakers who received death threats towards themselves and their families and experienced random acts of violence. I grieve for a nation that has become so divided that no manner of bipartisanship seems wanted or welcomed. I grieve for our great state of Arizona whose lawmakers seem to value unlimited, unregulated gun ownership over women’s reproductive rights, education, or children’s health care. I grieve for those who, like L. Brown in a recent letter to the editor, likens liberalism with sick, deranged, notorious serial killers. To Brown and his/her ilk I say – mental derangement knows no political party. Sick, deranged murderers cannot and should not be categorized by their political bent or lack thereof. I grieve that there are folks out there who think the way Brown does, and they are becoming angrier by the minute.

Beth Lyon

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