About 10 years ago I had my Ahwatukee Foothills News delivery suspended because I was tired of Ms. Turley-Hansen’s religious ranting. Everyone has a right to go with their faith whatever that might be. But her columns are predictable and boring. No one cares about other’s religious preferences.

Turley-Hansen’s columns are not “Commentary.” They are paranoid religious opinions best suited for the “Spiritual” section of the paper.

This is a local paper. We care about local stories and subjects we cannot find from larger newspapers. We don’t read the Ahwatukee News to “learn” about religion from Linda Turley-Hansen. And if someone wrote an “I love Atheism” column, I wouldn’t like that either.

“War on God?” You must be kidding. “In my life time: 50 years ago…” Anti-God? What religious fanatics such as yourselves conveniently ignore is that many humans try to keep their believes under their own roofs. You don’t, because of some bizarre desire to make everyone think like you. It doesn’t work that way. Most of the death and misery that humans have experienced in the last 3,000 years has been as a direct result of religion. Turley-Hansen can choose to ignore that if she chooses, but she cannot argue against it intelligently.

To Turley-Hansen’s credit, she went an entire 700 words or so without using the “L word” (liberals) or worse than that, the “O word” (Obama). You must have gritted your teeth trying to type out your latest tirade without an anti-Obama sentence.

Put her “commentaries” where they belong, in the church section or better yet, in the weekly newsletters her church hands out each Sunday. Or let me write a contrasting “commentary” next to hers each week. That would be entertaining.

Dave Daggett

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