Hate breeds hate

Dear Editor:

Very recently our mail carrier found a notice on the mailboxes in our Ahwatukee neighborhood with large letters “ATTENTION” on the top and then stating: “Do not fall victim to the insane lies and slander of illegal immigrants and their sympathizers.” It is espousing support of the immigration law 1070 and rights of “White” Americans. It is disgusting and full of hate against anyone who is not “white,” especially Mexicans. It was posted near Desert Vista High School.

I find this insulting to all the hardworking diverse people of this country. I know it is a crime to use the mailboxes as a soap box for fliers and other material. A person that sneaks in at night to post such hate materials is nothing but a coward. A copy was sent to the central postal service in Phoenix by my mail carrier. She happens to be Hispanic. I think this should be investigated by the Federal Postal Service.

He or she is not a true American in they cannot accept that this country was formed and fought for by many diverse people of different races and ethnic backgrounds. Our country has always been built on the wisdom and bravery of people who have traveled here, documented and undocumented, forced and not forced, from all over the world. The white supremacy cowards cannot claim this great nation for their own. True Americans are people who accept the diversity of people, religions, race and ethnic backgrounds that make up this country.

I know they have a right, as I do, to free speech. I fought for that right in Vietnam and for 28 years thereafter. This type of hate mongering goes too far. It only proves the ignorance of many people in this country. It was this kind of ignorance that failed in Hitler’s Germany. It can only result in the escalation of more hate and violence here in Phoenix. This is the last thing Phoenix needs, but hate breeds hate and violence breeds more violence. It needs to end now. Anyone seeing a person posting this type of hate material should report them to the authorities.

John Henry


We were lucky, again

Dear Editor:

Are President Obama’s lieutenants deaf, dumb and blind to Islamic-sponsored terrorism or are they just a dangerously incompetent gang that can’t think straight? This regime still refuses to use the “T” word.

Radical Islamic terrorism does threaten us, lest we forget the Fort Hood murders, the Detroit Christmas Day airline attack and now the New York City Times Square attempted bombing. Where is Jack Bauer when you really need him?

Of course, our lovely and gracious, albeit incompetent, Homeland Security Secretary says the system worked again and the New York City mayor insisted that the miscreant was a disgruntled tea party pervert (sic – see Dr. Strangelove), or an anti-health care devil.

Could Phoenix be next, since our mayor and his “6 or 7 star” police chief live in a fantasy world of no illegals, no Mexican gang/drug crimes and no thought of any terrorist unpleasantness befalling our citizens?

Had enough? Get real, get serious and get ready to vote in November. We desperately need prudent, patriotic Americans in charge who will take action rather than serve up “comprehensive immigration reform, my friend,” with a smile. You’ll know the patriots by their fervor and dedication to take action to preserve and protect our country and heritage from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Alan Tindale

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