Americans really need to ask themselves a few questions before they vote in 2012.

Did your legislators support bills that created jobs in America, increased the well-being of the majority and secured the safety net Americans have enjoyed for the past 50 years... or not?

Polls show two-thirds of Americans are more interested in creating jobs than reducing the deficit and determined to protect Social Security and Medicare before extending tax cuts for the wealthy and tax breaks for corporations.

Yet we have a majority in Congress who continues to vote yes on bills that only benefit the select few at the top and further enrich corporations who are earning record profits but not creating any new jobs for Americans.

We need to ask whether these conservatives who are voting against the will of the majority are really trying to preserve the American dream or simply voting to ensure they get a cushy corporate lobbying job after they leave government service?

Deficit spending was OK when Reagan and Bush did it and the debt limit was increased 20 times for those two Republican ‘big-spending' presidents.

Japan and most of Europe all have deficits much larger than ours as a percentage of GDP, yet conservatives are screaming bloody murder and demanding exorbitant cuts to every program the middle class depends upon, cutting educational opportunities for future generations and refusing to support any plan that invests in job creation or begins rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure?

Are these neo-cons patriots? Or traitors, willing to undermine economic growth for political gain?

Rod Livdahl

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