My wife and I have lived in Ahwatukee for nearly 27 years. About 8 a.m. on the morning of Friday, May 31 my wife, Barbara, and I stood in our driveway on Cherokee Street when our Yorkie spotted a man on a bicycle with two leashed mid-sized dogs on the street in front of our house. “Tootie,” our Yorkie, which I had just unleashed, ran toward the dogs. One of the two dogs broke his leash and took off after our dog, on to our property. Our dog ran for her life! The dog owner chased after his dog and tried to get our puppy out of his mouth. He managed to get to his dog once and then his dog ran away and attacked our dog again, swinging her around like she was a rag doll. We all screamed and hollered. After the dog owner got his dog to drop our dog, my wife and I took her inside and Barbara gave her a bath at which time injuries were discovered on her body. Barbara took our dog to a vet who treated her with stitches and antibiotics. Friday evening through Saturday Barb held Tootie. On Saturday afternoon Tootie took a turn for the worse. She was rushed to a pet hospital in Gilbert where doctors tried in vain to save her life. She died in my wife’s arms on Sunday morning.

This loss is devastating for my wife and me. Our puppy was only 3 1/2 years old. Her importance in our lives was huge. A pet-member of our family has been killed by a vicious dog. My guess is that this dog will do it again. The owner, about 45 years old, slender, whose name we do not know, was dressed in black bike shorts with a red or orange top; he wore a bike helmet. Both dogs were rescue dogs, black, one with some white in its coat. We suppose the owner lives somewhere in or near the custom estates. The dog owner apologized for what his dog did. We believed him. He promised to come back, but he has not returned. He needs to call me on my cell phone at (602) 538-4066.

My wife and I are having a very difficult time dealing with this loss.

Dave Anderson

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Mr. Anderson is equally to blame for the death of his dog. Mr. Anderson admitted to unleashing his dog. His dog ran toward the dogs in the street, one of which ended up breaking its leash. Mr. Anderson's "Tootie" was then attacked. Mr. Anderson needs to realize we have a leash law....what would've happened had a coyote been running down his street when "Tootie" was unleashed......the coyote would've had "Tootie" for breakfast, that's what! You people need to realize bad things can happen to your pets when you don't keep them on a leash. And you also need to stop blaming others for these "bad" things. Mr. Anderson learned a lesson the hard way. You people can learn from his mistake......keep you pets on a leash at all times.


Sad but true...Tootie was the original aggressor, and was off the leash. The other dog reacted in a normal dog way - unfortunately, his leash broke. The other owner is not responsible for Tootie's death. It could have been easily prevented by the Andersons keeping Tootie on her leash until she got into the house. I feel very, very badly for the Andersons, what a horrible situation to witness - but blaming the other dog and owner is not the way to go.

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