Government and the political personality

Dear Editor:

What is it about government that attracts individuals like Barack Hussein Obama, Adolph Schickelgruber, Iosif Dzhugashvili, Mao, Saddam Hussein, Hugo Chavez, Kim, Castro, “Ahmabadjihad” and many others?

Are they all narcissists? Egomaniacs? Egotists? Chauvinists? Pathological liars? A devil’s brew of the foregoing? Is mendacity their entire into office?

Why are the Churchills, Reagans, Washingtons, Jeffersons, Adams’s, Madisons, Bastiats, Lincolns and Coolidges to be eschewed?

What is it about freedom and liberty that’s so distasteful?

Why is Marxist socialism accepted while Jeffersonian freedom and liberty are excepted?

Why is our government trying to take the paradigm of freedom and liberty from us?

How long will it take?

Has our government become an elected oligarchy?

What is the source of the cancerous mind set, which has made it possible for dictators to gain political power? Is it public ignorance and apathy? Is it the public education system? Not just ours, but those all over the world?

Can our public school system replace ignorance and apathy with knowledge, enthusiasm and the understanding and love of freedom and liberty as given to us by our Founding Fathers?

“The philosophy of the schoolhouse in this generation is the philosophy of the government in the next,” said Abraham Lincoln, 1860

Don Kennedy


McCain for governor

Dear Editor:

John McCain’s senatorial primary ads stress his service to country and all the people he knows in Washington. But with his whinny yet shrill shill spokeswoman, I feel so underwhelmed.

You, my friend, asked the American people for command and control of our ship of state - the USS “United States of America” - and the American people answered with a glib yet callous recitation of the Peter Principle. And so my friend do you want to continue to be a Cicero debating and pontificating into your 80th year, ala the venerable Sen. Robert Byrd? That translates into having the Casa Grande portion of Interstate 10 or some middle school in Ajo named after you.

As we say in the 101st Airborne, you have a rendezvous with destiny - if you choose. The USS “State of Arizona” is floundering financially and economically. Take the con, commander, and finish your illustrious career with a significant command, as your father did.

Arizona needs a governor - a leader - who’s not afraid of dollar signs nor the border. Becoming governor could be your lasting legacy and a reflection of your devotion to duty you learned long ago on the banks of the Severn. In that way, Arizona wins with you, and by sending a constitutional conservative to Washington to carry on in the Goldwater tradition. And, my friend, in my heart I know that’s right.

Alan Tindale


Smaller freeway will still be a noisy freeway

Dear Editor:

Recent April 2 Ahwatukee Foothills News headline: “Smaller freeway means fewer homes demolished.” Reduction from 10 lanes to eight means 167 fewer homes to be (or not to be) yanked out from under. Imagine the relief and gratitude of the lucky un-yanked to be balancing shuddering teacups in their living rooms while telling guests that what? That if it hadn’t-what? Hadn’t been for what? The reduction from 10 to eight lanes we’d probably be sitting in the middle of the westbound-what?

Novotny Ingersol

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