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The question here is, “What to do about Syria?” Well, here we go again. Do we ever learn anything? Remember in the ’60s America didn’t like Batista (in Cuba), so we armed the revolutionaries there and they kicked Batista out. Castro became the next Cuban leader.

Was this a good decision? I don’t think so.

Remember Jimmy Carter, in the ’70s. He appropriated $40 billion to arm and train the radical Islam forces in Afghanistan. The purpose was to train the Afghan forces, because he knew that Russia was going to invade, so we trained and armed Al-Qaeda. We didn’t want Russia to win there.

Was that a good decision? I think not.

So here we have Syria. The government forces used Saran gas and killed thousands of their people. We are going to jump in there and solve everything. We never learn, do we? Our government doesn’t have any idea what to do, all they know is that they must do something. Our government can’t even manage America, now we want to cure all of the problems of the world. This must end in a disaster.

Don Crook

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