Dear Editor:

Regarding letters by Vince Rabago, titled "Russell Pearce has gone too far" (AFN, July 21), and Randal J. Jacoby, titled "Put things in perspective" (AFN, July 30), it is incredibly frustrating knowing that people are so monumentally ignorant. Ignorant of the facts, ignorant of the law and ignorant of the will of the majority of Americans. Sure, they are guaranteed the right to free speech, but the spreading of their outright ignorance is a danger to civilized society.

As usual the rhetoric and simplemindedness of the left or progressives leaves us with the responsibility to respond to accusations and mindless comments. Are well-known participants in the world of public sector positions playing a "political game" with "little else of substance" or are the authors simply uninformed. The latter is surely the truth. For some reason, albeit lack of ability to understand, these authors are playing a political game themselves. Sheriff Joe Arpaio has mightily attempted to do his job for his entire term as sheriff of Maricopa County, the job voters elect him to do every time he runs. Mr. Pearce is truly concerned with illegal immigration. That is ILLEGAL immigration. The term ILLEGAL is the primary focus and everything else to do with the subject is secondary. Law breakers should be processed no matter what. This will send a clear message to those wanting to do it again and any others willing to try in the future. If this process steps on a couple of toes along the way, it is the price we all pay to live in lawful society.

Is this situation profiling or racist? Of course not...IT'S THE LAW. If Hispanics or bleeding heart liberals don't like it, then change the law. Until then, the law stands. Is this a scapegoat issue or are people from another country taking advantage of this system? Are couples using the 14th amendment to gain citizenship into this country by crossing the border and having a baby on the taxpayer's dime? This is not a case of hatred; it is a case of people breaking the law. Nowhere on earth are the laws of a country so lax that terrorists can use the methods of simple immigrants to cross our borders. Many countries across the planet require ID to move within their borders. Have these authors never taken one class on history or read any books of historical value?

What cost are Americans willing to pay to have security at the borders? Well, it's a case of constitutional law that our federal government is to protect its citizens. For the millionth time, the law comes first ... everything else is secondary. If the country has to have a wall built, so be it. If it takes 10 years, we will be better off upon the first cement being poured. The short-term thinking of these individuals is astounding. This battle has been going on for decades, and yet in their simpleminded approach of not remembering anything outside of a couple of months, they are unable to see the big picture. It is not the job of this society to educate, provide health care or any other service to people from another country, except in the cases of unforeseen circumstances. There are many Third World countries with these problems, but America is not the default system for them to take advantage of. They are Third World countries because of their lack of work ethic, corruption and socialistic systems. America works for us because real Americans WORK. Work produces accomplishments, and likewise advancement. Americans get to bask in the results of hard work through capitalism ... not endure the painful results of communism or socialism.

Drug trafficking, human smuggling and the effect on our Arizona economy are somehow more important reasons to make no attempt to secure our borders. That is parallel to saying that someone might die in battle, therefore do nothing. The prices Americans paid in the past are the very reason we live in the society we know today. A simple study of history would show that, but that would require time and effort. Coincidentally, this is the same approach used by peoples in third world countries ... do nothing. This subject of illegal immigration is the current issue at hand, rekindled by the efforts of our state officials to once again address this on-going assault on Arizona. Attempting to reduce the importance below fairy tales of global warming and so-called "fossil fuels" is ridiculous at best. I suggest these people review some literature not written by socialists or take some classes based on economic fact and get with the program. However, they could just move to France, but in the end, leave America alone. If you don't like it, leave it. It's been here longer than you, socialism and ignorance, and will ever last through the hard work and dedication of the majority.

Don't tread on me!

Brian C Bennett

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