Heron 1 Fish 0

Dear Editor:

I'm sure you are used to meatier news, but I was curiously watching a Great Blue Heron walking down our street into the neighbor's yard. I was afraid it was injured when it didn't fly away. I later learned the fountain had (had being the operative word) fish, so I guess he was just hungry and standing his ground.

DeLana Ream


Thanks to everyone

Dear Editor:

Congratulations to the city of Phoenix and its residents on the purchase of a fine swath of land on the south side of South Mountain.

The city secured approximately 240 acres of the South Mountain 620 located just north of Chandler Boulevard for $18 million. This would not have been possible without the bonds and PPPI that were approved by Phoenix's voters, as well as a bit of good timing.

And a big thank you to those who worked so hard behind the scenes to make this auction a success.

John Jurik


Did you notice the economic collapse?

Dear Editor:

Even for the normally incoherent Linda Turley-Hansen, her venomous column ("Big brother grows more dangerous with every handout," AFN, April 1) contains an unusual quantity of fevered rhetoric, paranoid ranting and ideological drivel.

According to Linda, the Obama administration is "a Soviet-style, government-owned system," wielding "the chains of social slavery," "turning on dedicated, hard-working Americans in every socio-economic level." Under Obama, court rulings will attack: "our proven, capitalistic market system."

Tell me, Linda, is "our proven, capitalistic market system" the same one that has collapsed under the Bush administration's corrupt, incompetent, anti-regulatory policies? Or have you noticed the collapse?

C.W. Griffin


Wal-Mart's low prices paid by workers

Dear Editor:

In response to Andrew Passman's April 1 letter regarding Wal-Mart's neighborhood stores ("Wal-Mart market wouldn't be bad"), I respectively ask that anyone interested in Wal-Mart please watch the movie Wal-Mart: High cost of low prices before advocating anything related to Wal-Mart.

I expect it will open your eyes to the inside workings of this company and maybe present an opportunity to reflect on the cost associated with having lower prices than Safeway. The video can be found on Google Videos (www.video.google.com). Search for the title, the movie is approximately one hour and 40 minutes. It is well worth your time.

Kevin Seplowitz


Chill: It's just a goofy movie

Dear Editor:

I think Jacen Kingsolving's emotional and almost biblical reaction to the movie I Love You, Man was very interesting ("Movie was drivel," AFN, April 8).

It seems to me that he should be blasting the friend or family member who "coaxed" him into seeing the movie, especially if they knew he was so exceptionally conservative. I saw this movie with my husband and two college-age sons and we liked it.

Hey, Jacen - it's just a goofy movie, OK? It's not a sign that the world is going to hell in a handbasket. I'm really tired of judgmental people who condemn anyone who feels differently than they do.

Excuse me while I go get a Kleenex to dry my eye when I think of poor Jacen and his tender sensibilities.

Linda Hennessy

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