Tom Patterson’s privileged class of the elite snubs the middle class (“What’s really good for the middle class is good for America, AFN, Oct. 13). He misses the mark in his biased Tea Party fashion. Middle class jobs are sent overseas where inadequate pay and work for peanuts abound. Locked doors caused workers to be burned to death because of being locked in their sweat shops. Now the super wealthy are after workers’ pensions and safety nets for their families. No affordable health care, no overtime, shorter hours, lower pay, no vacations, work on holidays without extra pay, etc.

Yahoo for the huge corporations that don’t want to pay taxes. They do not care for America, just their profits that have soared for years. The U.S. workers are not important or needed when U.S. jobs are given to even communist countries.

Thank God for our government, and military, and President Obama, who has sponsored or co-sponsored 689 bills in the U.S. Senate (as of Nov. 16, 2008).

When will the Tea Party-dominated Congress wake up and do its job as needed by America and their families? Vote them out of office for failure to address the jobs and needs of middle-class families.

Joe Campbell

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