Dear Editor: I admit it, I am addicted to your editorial section. I suggest the following reading materials for Mr. D. Kennedy and anyone who actually believes his thesis ("Is the U.S. an imperialist nation?" AFN, Dec. 5): • Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins,, publisher • The Best Democracy Money Can Buy by Greg Palast, Pluto Press, publisher. • When Corporations Rule the World by David C. Korten, Kumarian Press, publisher American corporations, via their current control of our republic do have an imperialistic presence in the world, especially third world countries. Other G8 countries are also guilty of the type of hegemony we are witnessing. Two hundred years ago this was openly referred to as "Colonization" now it is simply known as Hegemony. No country in the entire history of this planet has ever succeeded in Imperialism. Every time any government has attempted this, they have failed; since BC - Egypt, after 1AD Rome, the Ottoman Empire, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, England, Russia... now the United States. If the average American knew where most of their tax money was going they would come unglued at the seams. Maybe the American people are suffering enough now to finally be willing to take the next step to educate themselves on these important issues. The Founders believed in an informed, educated electorate. It takes a concerted effort to devote the time to do this. If Kennedy and those like-minded individuals feel the need to label these brave authors as "Liberals" then all one needs to do is Google "economic oppression of third-world countries." Google is A-Political. One can also go to the CIA's own Web site. Print the map of countries involved in civil wars, then print the report that outlines all of the natural resources that country has and who they currently owe their debts to. One can then Google major worldwide corporations to see who has a presence there, and one can Google the countries where the U.S. currently has a military presence. All Americans have a duty to Google who the CEOs of all major news networks are. This is all very simple to research with the Internet. Kennedy is a retired insurance salesman. I'm curious to know if he sold health insurance. That is an American industry two steps away from implosion. Perhaps the school children Kennedy graced his presence with were too kind to embarrass him. Kathy Rosko

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