I would like to make some comments about the letter, “Loop 202 extension not needed” (AFN, Feb. 17). Let me start by giving you some background on the time my wife and family have lived in the Ahwatukee area.

My parents moved to Arizona in 1985 and settled in the first Mountain Park Ranch community. And I moved to Phoenix in 1989. My wife’s parents purchased two acres of land on Priest Drive in 1966, and this is were my wife grew up.

Now the reason that these facts are important is: It gives credibility to the timeframe that our families have lived in the Ahwatukee area, and I can speak with experience as to the growth and development on this community.

My main point for writing in is; if I read or hear one more person talk about how they love living in Ahwatukee because of the “clean air” I’m going to throw up.

It is obvious that these individuals do not travel out of the Ahwatukee area because if they did they would see that Ahwatukee already has the same pollution that the rest of Phoenix has. All you have to do is drive across Interstate 10 to about Kyrene Road and turn around and look at the brown cloud hanging over Ahwatukee.

Will you please stop with the clean air crap! The air was clean during the time my wife grew up here and it was also clean when my parents and I move to Ahwatukee. The air is no longer clean, so please stop with this poor argument.

Also, I must ask this question of these same people; do you honestly think that they spent all the money building the interchange at I-10 not to eventually build the extension through? Are you all this naive?

Stop wasting time with these lame arguments and realize the reality that this extension will be built, and yes you will have even more pollution than you have now and there is not a thing you can do about it.

I suggest that you spend your efforts actually helping a charitable organization instead of wasting time on this project; you will be much more satisfied and accomplish a lot more.

Dave Kleespies

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I can't say that I believe our air is clean as can be but I do feel that it is likely that having an average of 1,094 commercial vehicles per hour* moving along where Pecos is now will impact it greatly. This road is being built to move trucks and so that people at ADOT can finally push something through and feel a sense of accomplishment. It will benefit 1) over the road truckers (many from Mexico will looser emissions standards), 2) out of state travelers just passing through and 3) the folks who work in the east valley but bought a house out in Avondale so they could get 3,000 square feet for $120,000, knowing they would sacrifice commute time for square footage. However, I do feel that last group is the smallest of the three. I don't want to see this built as pollution will worsen (acknowledging we don't have perfect air), crime will increase, noise will increase, and property values will suffer because of the aforementioned reasons. I will fight this until the end because this is my home town and I want to keep it as it is.

*137,000 per day with 20% being commercial, per ADOT

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