If you enter the Interstate 10 freeway via Elliot Road and 51st Street, I'm sure you've noticed Valley Metro buses making a sharp merge into the flow of traffic, as known as an unsafe lane change. It's not unusual to see a bus merge through three lanes of traffic to get onto the freeway. The merging process is complicated by heavy traffic congestion at this intersection, the bus length being 20-30 feet, and the last bus stop and freeway entrance being on 51st Street. Not much space for a safe and considerate merge, for sure!

Monday through Friday mornings commuters must become well-adept at dodging and yielding to Valley Metro buses or risk a crash.

I'm respectfully suggesting that Valley Metro consider moving the bus stop to 49th or 50th streets. This would allow for a greater transition period. Or, the bus could continue traveling eastbound on Elliot Road until a safe and considerate merge can be navigated. The ultimate goal being to reduce actual, and potential, car crashes. Something needs to be done. Petition anyone?

FM Osterb

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