If you’re a parent or grandparent thinking about taking your little ones to have their Easter picture taken with a rabbit or chick at a local photo studio, please reconsider.

These money-making promotions turn up every Easter, but animals pay dearly. Imagine how frightening it is for the rabbits, chicks and ducklings who are hauled into malls and held and handled by streams of excited children. Bunnies are exceedingly prone to stress-induced heart failure, and baby birds have very fragile bones. These promotions also help persuade parents to give in to their children’s relentless pleas for a “pet” rabbit.

Bunnies are not a good pet for children. Most rabbits really don’t like being held and will kick and bite. They must be spayed or neutered or they will “mark” their territory. They chew and dig almost constantly.

The vast majority of bunnies acquired around Easter end up ignored and forgotten in outdoor hutches, are dumped at shelters, or are simply set free outdoors where they starve or are killed by predators.

Please patronize only studios that use stuffed animals, and no one will get hurt.


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