The gun debate in Arizona has heated up as a result of the recent Tucson tragedy and three students bringing guns onto school property. Because of these incidents, people are asking questions. Should we install metal detectors at schools? Should magazines be sold making it easy for shooters to kill without reloading? And more recently, should teachers be allowed to carry guns while teaching in the classroom to protect themselves and their students from some crazed person? All of these questions do not have a simple answer.

Much of the gun violence could be alleviated by making it more difficult for people to purchase guns and to quit selling extended magazines to the “normal” public. On paper, allowing teachers to carry guns may seem like a great opportunity to prevent unnecessary violence and death, but it could also cause problems to arise. Would students be even more afraid to come to school? Would teachers be able to pull the trigger? Or would some teacher having a bad day turn the gun on students? There are serious ramifications should a law like this be passed. Schools could become a very dangerous place to go.

Garrett Lamusga


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