I stand for peace and yet, the sound of the drumbeat begins again, war.

The only solution we seem to come up with is war. Death, destruction, horror and flagged draped caskets. War. Young men and women, off again to fight the politicians’ war.

Where do I stand? I stand for peace. I stand for unconditional love. I stand strong in my convictions. The question is, “Do I stand alone?”

The Rev. Dr. Craig R. Haley

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First, change all the defense contractors into non-profits. Limit their pay to a decent living wage. Let them do the work of defense because they love their country.

Second, tell their shareholders that even though they lost on their investment, profiting from war immoral and leads to corruption. Since they mostly claim to be Christians, they'll understand. You know, that whole WWJD thing.

Third, we take all those 20 room mansions built with taxpayer dollars that surround Washington DC that the defense contractor's live in and convert them to homes for wounded vets.

Then these people who want us in Syria, the exact same people who said "there is no doubt Saddam has WMDs", can come back to me and I'll tell them why it's still a bad idea.



I'm with you, Rev.! Bring the troops home. Close up the majority of overseas bases. We do not need to police the world. We are broke! Maintain a strong defense while pursuing a foreign policy of non-intervention. This is not isolationism. The inaugural pledge of Thomas Jefferson: "Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none."

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