Please Tom Patterson, tell me how much the unions have increased the average pay from 1980 to now ("Price is too steep for taxpayers," AFN, March 6). What about the physicians' income increases over the same period? I am sure you must be one of the privileged recipients of the rich tax breaks, as you mention in the title of your article the price is too steep for taxpayers. Did you happen to get the tax breaks for the wealthy?

In your commentary you state that in 2006 the New Jersey governor was quoted as saying "We will fight for a fair contract." Does it repulse you to give to workers a "fair contract?"

I was an investigator in another state, and I never had "enhanced security and protection from accountability.

You state that "the workers compensation has gone through the roof." What a statement for a physician to make! If you don't like the workers so called "gold plated" health plans, did you benefit from them as workers came into your office for help?

Wow, our state employees (not servants) make 40 to 50 percent more than "we" do for the same work. Unbelievable, please show us the proof of your statement.

Is it American for physicians to belong to the AMA? Did you not join this powerful union? I think they should submit compensation for physicians to a public vote. You must agree on that, since in fairness, you thought this was a good idea for working families.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker demonized himself. American workers have been fired and pulverized by huge corporations and banks, now called outsourcing. Their jobs are now filled by the commies and other foreign countries that our banks and corporations love.

I was a state employee, not a servant, are you royalty?

I laugh at your statement about workers are paid more than they are worth. How can you, a physician, be so callous and insulting to American families? American workers are the best in the world and many surveys have stated so.

The most powerful groups in America are not unions, but huge corporations and banks that have bankrolled the weak politicians' elections.

Joe Campbell

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