Dear Editor:

Regarding "Is this a great country or what?" (AFN, Aug. 25) and anything else written by Jon Beydler. It appears you have to be on the left side of the fence in Ahwatukee to get your voice heard, which, of course, is no surprise. Bleeding heart liberals infest the media, and have choices.

Whether the issue concerns immigration and the execution of federal or state laws, or legalizing marijuana, answers from "the left" are always surprisingly ignorant. "Live and let live" might be the slogan, or "This is a free country," but ... there are the facts, staring them right in the face.

If he knew anything about the Constitution or outside his own beliefs, he might be able to understand the new law. Checks and balances he calls it, or violating the Constitution ... this is how far we are down in the toilet. People not knowing but yet purporting to, openly and publicly.

What's it like to be a conservative in this political mess of uninformed, half-baked citizens, ready to trample on the Constitution? Well, it makes me angry that the incredibly misguided liberals continue their rhetoric of ridiculous statements. The question arises: How did they find their way out of their paper bags?

We are divided because of their outstanding ignorance of the law and their apparent belief in the socialization of America by a group of power-hungry idiots new to D.C. All I can say is thanks for being wrong again and on the wrong side of the fence as usual. Without you we would have no spice in our lives or issues to debate about.

-Brian Bennett

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