Dear Editor: I too believe we need enforcement presence on Pecos Road, however, I doubt Mr. Taggart ("Law enforcement presence needed at accident site," Oct. 24, AFN) lives on Frye Road between 40th and 48th streets. I have lived here 10 years and have seen it go from a nice residential street, 25 mph, to what it is now. I would venture to say the average speed is well over 40 mph and even greater on weekends. It seems as though we need some radar installed along Pecos, however, I doubt that will happen. The Interstate 10 is a driver's nightmare. The speed limit changes to 55 mph before you hit the curve and have you ever tried going 55 through town? Why do we waste taxpayers money putting up speed limit signs and not try to enforce them? The same goes for the light at 48th Street and Ray Road. The other day we got the green arrow and green light and not one but three cars proceeded turning left through the intersection on my green arrow. What are these people thinking? My hat goes off to our policemen out there dealing with this mind set every day. I see moms and dads every day driving their kids to and from school, talking on their cell phones. Don't you think they would be having a conversation with their kids? That could be why parents don't have a clue what their kids are doing and who their friends are. If Frye Road is a radar trap then more tickets are needed. Diane Wolfe

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