Dear Editor:

In response to Marc Perkel's letter to the editor ("Tucson shootings are no surprise to me," Jan. 21, AFN): I wonder how anyone 800 miles away could ever purport to know what motivated a gunman to do what he did?

We heard a lot of speculation, most of it wrong, that the shooter was somehow motivated by political hate speech, then we find out he was kind of a leftist, not a right-wing hatemonger.

To speculate that Arizona politics had anything to do with this shooting cannot explain two recent shootings in California. Are California politics responsible for them? I noticed the writer put Second Amendment remedies in quotations, and wonder what other amendments to our Constitution does he put in quotations marks? The First Amendment? The Fifth? Obviously California, with its host of problems, does not have the answer, so please keep your remedies in California.

Mark Burckhard

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