Nate Beeler

I have read a lot of letters to the editor, and I keep reading those from people that like Obama, and Obamacare. Some say: “If you don’t like Obamacare, why don’t you present your plan for health care?”

Well, here is my plan: Instead of building a socialized health care system, why not take issues like pre-existing conditions, and insuring all children until the age of 26. Then pass a law requiring all HMOs to provide care, being fully subsidized by the government. This would have been far cheaper than what Obama presented.

Obamacare’s main problem was that it placed a czar over the sector. This czar was actually a central planner, whose responsibility was to govern all policy of all HMOs. The czar would require all doctors to be paid the same salary, all nurses to be paid the same salary. In addition, it would set the salaries of everyone in the sector. The czar would also dictate the number of doctors and nurses employed. A big problem is that Obama has appointed 32 other czars, one for each of the economic sectors. This means that the government, through the czars controlled the whole economy. This eliminates competition in each sector, as well as capitalism, too.

Obama has accomplished his goal, to eliminate capitalism, and replace it with communism. Congress did not vote on this, and I did not vote on this, but this is our future. Let America wake up to this upstart President, before it is too late.

Don Crook

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What color is the sky in your world Don?

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