I read with interest Edward Corona’s well written guest commentary “Save The Lakes needs new plan” (AFN, July 30). It was so well written it might have come directly from Pulte’s PR department. Unfortunately, he’s wrong on every material point.

First, people should be mad at Pulte or any other developer who conspires with Wilson Gee to enable Gee to use his strategy of creating blight to get his way.

Pulte is clearly the enabler here and make no mistake; what they are doing is an attempt to circumvent valid CC&R’s that Mr. Gee was well aware of when he purchased the golf course and that Pulte was well aware of when they made their offer.

Second, this land is required to be used as a golf course under the CC&R’s. The Ahwatukee Board of Management should get involved in enforcing the CC&R’s including fines and filing a lien on the land, which could ultimately be foreclosed on.

Third, a price for the course may not be acceptable to Gee but that’s just tough. The market will set the value of the land as a golf course and if Gee’s loses money, that’s his problem.

By all accounts he is an incompetent golf course operator and that’s the price you pay.

People who paid premium prices for homes on this course should be mad. Gee and Pulte should be embarrassed at the low level, unethical maneuvers they are attempting in order to profit.

Paul E. Poer

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