How can one person be judged or handled differently, when both of them were being physical with one another? What kind of example does it set when a man gets no punishment after hitting a woman? This shows young children that women are no more significant now than they were many decades ago and propels our nation backwards after the many rights that women have gained and fought for over the years. Scott Bundgaard's position as a senator should not protect him from going to jail; it should instead set a higher standard on people like him. They are who we elect to represent us in political matters, and if they conduct themselves in this manner they should not be given this position of power.

Furthermore, in the Constitution it states that no man or woman regardless of social or political status is above the law. However, Bundgaard is treated as such. His status should have nothing to do with how his crime is handled and he should have to go through the same process as anyone else would in this situation.

Mark Mingura

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