Recently, Rep. Bob Thorpe introduced a bill that would require our children to swear an oath in order to be able to receive their diploma and graduate high school.

Not only is the wording in this bill disturbing in its militaristic style and non-secularity, but the fact that our very own Rep. Jeff Dial decided to get on this band wagon and co-sponsor it doesn’t instill confidence in my legislative representation.

This bill has received so much push back that Rep. Bob Thorpe has now denied writing the bill, is working on rewriting it, and failing to amend it will have it tossed out all together.

I understand the need for a politician to pander to his base, but there is a line when it comes to using our children as tools for this pandering. This bill was insulting to many citizens and had no business making it to the floor. What’s more is that Dial attached his name to it and his reasons for co-sponsoring the bill are yet to be known. I made the effort to call him and was promised a return call which, not unexpectedly, I haven’t gotten. His Facebook page ignores the posts of other concerned constituents and his refusal to grant interviews regarding this bill speaks volumes. I can no longer trust Dial to promote my best interests because I believe he lacks good judgement, is an opportunist, and doesn’t seem to find it necessary to answer to his constituency.

In LD18, AZHB 2467 will be his scarlet letter.

John Jurik

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