I have a book in my personal library titled, “How to Lie with Statistics.”

For a gross example, observe Bryan L. Brinkley’s graph titled, “Gun-Related Deaths in U.S. Set to Pass Auto Fatalities” (attached to his AFN guest commentary on June 5).

Gun-related deaths aren’t “passing” auto fatalities. Auto fatalities are falling due to safer and safer automobile engineering. Gun deaths have been essentially flat over the past 32 years.

So you’ve just been spoon-fed a leftist lie by Brinkley.

Next thing you know, Brinkley will be presenting an editorial espousing that guns cause global warming.

As for killing someone with a pencil — I shouldn’t note this, TSA will promptly ban pencils on airplanes — but I can easily stab you in the throat with my mechanical pencil and you will be very dead, perhaps even faster than from a bullet wound.

Changing subjects to the Loop 202 Freeway alignment. You’re going to get nowhere unless you dig in your heels, band together, raise funds, hire a throat-cutter law firm, and sue ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation).

Sue for the most economical route. This will force infringement on what the Gila River Indian Community (GRIC) wants to claim as “sacred ground,” though they don’t own that land. This way you get GRIC’s attention and they will possibly become more pliable toward an alignment on their lands.

But I doubt that will actually happen. There are far too many girly-men in Ahwatukee Foothills who don’t know how to fight, they only know how to whine about guns and global warming, and claim how wonderful our school system is.

So enjoy your freeway and the disruption of your lifestyle for many years while it is under construction.

As for me, we’re moving to San Tan Valley to assist in the education of the youngest group of our grandchildren, hopefully offsetting the damage done by the warm and fuzzy “education” system (and amusing ourselves over the fact that the only thing outnumbering pick-em-up trucks is the number of guns in private hands).

Since I’ll be gone you will be left with only the smugly senile rants of C.W. Griffin to keep you entertained.

Jim Thompson

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