I read Jonathan Butcher’s guest commentary on education, “An Abbott and Costello routine: Who’s on ...49th” in the AFN on June 25. I have also read other education commentaries by Butcher, the person who the Goldwater Institute touts as their education director.

Can someone please explain to me why he is their education director?

According to the Goldwater website he does not have a bachelors, masters, or doctorate in education. There is also no mention of him having been a classroom teacher, or of working in a school to educate children. He has absolutely no background in education whatsoever.

As an educator (teacher and administrator) for over 40 years I am appalled that he holds the position that he does and gets to write commentaries on education as if he were an expert. Having Jonathan Butcher write about education reform is like having me, an educator, write about the best surgical procedures for doctors to use in the operating room! It sure makes you wonder how many other Goldwater Institute directors and spokespeople also have no expertise in the field that they are supposedly experts in.


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