Regarding Jon Beydler’s recent piece on the bin Laden episode (“Mission finally accomplished, AFN, May 6), these two sentences are just a tad misleading: “Shortly after becoming president, Obama focused our military efforts on Afghanistan and between he and his CIA director, Leon Panetta, they put together a plan to capture Osama bin Laden dead or alive. Clearly, the president, his staff and the military have done the ‘hard stuff’ necessary on the ground to locate and bring to justice the most despised criminal in the world since Adolph Hitler.”

One could infer from these statements that the president and Panetta started from scratch and were apparently more focused, determined and willing to do what the previous administration was simply too “Wing Nut” to get done.

News reports explain that the whole courier connection was established from interrogations of Khaled Sheik Mohammed prior to Obama’s candidacy. That trail was blazed a while back.

Thanks, indeed, to this president and his team for completing the job that was started and only made possible by work done prior to 2008. This was not by any means a “from whole cloth” operation, as the president has acknowledged.

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