Dear Editor:

What is it about some women that they are so sensitive to the myriad of words used to describe a collection of any gender, in this case girls?

 Elizabeth Evans was, through her political correctness ("I know he meant well," AFN, Nov. 3), able to ruin a morning for a gentleman that was almost certainly, even by her own admission, just trying to be nice and bring some pleasantries into daily life. I certainly hope it made her feel better and that her day went better after she was successfully able to establish that she was a grown woman. I suspect she may have established in that gentleman's mind that she was also something else (a term often associated with female dogs).

I suspect that gentleman and his buddies, wherever they gather, a favorite restaurant, pub or golf course , would take no offense if a waitress said, "Good morning boys!"

Life is hectic enough without having to crush the pleasantries out of it with someone's idea of political correctness.

R. James Thorne

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Mr. Thorne: I've been out of town so this is my first read of your letter.

First off, thank you very much for taking the time to read the column, think about it, and write a letter to the editor. That, in itself, is a high honor.

Just so you know, I was thinking about the ramifications of being called a ‘girl’ decades before anyone coined the term ‘politically correct.’ As I mentioned in my column, PC has nothing to do with this, nor feminism; I think I was pretty clear that this was more of a commentary on my feelings about shallow compliments and my need (or lack thereof) for them.

As it turned out, I wound up having a long, happy conversation with Java Man. And I certainly didn’t call anyone a nasty name, a nicety that you've managed to avoid.

However, you are most certainly incorrect when he says that no man has a problem with being called a ‘boy.’ I say this from first-hand knowledge, and I repeat it now: don’t ever, ever, ever, EVER call an American black man ‘boy.’ If you’re lucky, they’ll be as nice as I was to Java Man.

As I said, thank you very much for taking the time to comment. I am honored when you read, and especially honored when you take the time to write, no matter what names you choose to call me.

Kindest regards,

Elizabeth Evans

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