Dear Editor:

I am not one who stands up for issues and voices my opinion. I don't really get wrapped up in too many causes, but this really made me crazy. I recently changed jobs and now drive 18 miles one way on Interstate 10, which I haven't done in years. On Jan. 10, on the way home, I counted 20 single-occupant vehicles in the carpool lane. I was appalled. Do these individuals have that much expendable money they don't care about the $370 to $400 ticket cost/plus court fees, not to mention how this might affect their insurance?

Just to confirm, none of these were the AFV or hybrid vehicles and there may have been drivers with babies, but I would venture to say there were not many, also a bone of contention, I would think the carpool lane is for people who choose to carpool to cut down on traffic, less vehicles on the road.

On my way to work on Jan. 12, I saw two highway patrol vehicles hiding on the right shoulder, the time was approximately 6:55 a.m. Have you traveled the I-10 north at this time of the morning? Were they looking for speeders? I think not, the average speed is 15 mph at best.

On my way home that day, same thing, only this time there were five highway patrol vehicles on the right shoulder. In my simplistic mind, I think, "What a waste of resources!" They can't possibly be there to issue tickets, no one is going over 5 mph because it's like a parking lot. Even the carpool lane is backed up, one contributing factor, I am sure, are the single-vehicle occupants.

Why aren't the highway patrol vehicles on the left shoulder watching the carpool lane because can you imagine how many tickets they could give and revenue they could generate?

I realize that we don't have the resources to monitor all freeways/carpool lanes, but let's be mindful of what we are doing with the resources we do have. Too bad there is not some type of heat-sensing tool to monitor vehicle occupancy.

Our society just feels so much "entitlement" to do what we want, whenever we want. How did that happen?

K. Vallone

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