Several weeks ago my neighbor and I were walking our dogs on Half Moon between Ahwatukee Drive and 48th Street. The fire hydrant at the corner of Hopi and Half Moon was leaking water. My neighbor called it in to the Phoenix Water Services Department.

A week-and-a-half later, it was still leaking, so I called it in to the Phoenix Water Services Department. I was told it could "possibly" be the responsibility of the HOA to have it repaired. The Phoenix Water Services Department said it would have to research it. Then, an "Out of Order" sign was put on the fire hydrant while it was still leaking water.

Finally, on April 6, after three-and-a-half weeks of leaking, the fire hydrant was fixed.

And the Phoenix Water Services Department is going to raise our rates another 7 percent? It's no wonder when they ignore reports of leakages.

The HOA was notified twice and the Phoenix Water Services Department was notified twice of this leakage.

So, residents in the area, dig deep into your pockets to pay higher fees over and above the 7 percent.

Joan Michael

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