With another violent mass shooting at the navy yard in D.C. we must again look at why our sick society continues to ignore the grave society gun disease we have in this country. This recent mass shooting is the result of a ignorant society doing nothing about the problem. This is not a Democratic or Republican political issue, nor a right or left issue. It is a disease that is killing many of our citizens. The bloodshed from gun violence and mental health issues is on all of our hands, since we as voters continue to elect political officials that consistently vote against any kind of gun control. We as a society should be saying enough is enough.

When will our elected officials look at our society’s appetite for guns and actually act to have sensible gun laws to possibly prevent further violent gun deaths? The time has come for us as a society to do something about this disease that has spread among us.

By doing nothing the daily bloodshed due to gun violence will continue to be on all of our hands. Like all diseases we always seem to come up with preventable methods to cut down on deaths. We should be doing the same for this disease.

John Chiazza

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