The Rev. Dr. Craig R. Haley’s letter in the Sept. 1 edition, “I stand for peace” suggests that he is living in his own world. I think we all stand for peace, but what about the 1,000-plus people murdered with sarin gas in Syria? Who stands for them? The Rev. Dr. would have been right at home with the isolationists in the U.S. that failed to act when Hitler was rounding up Jews prior to World War II.

Paul Poer

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How is Assad like Hitler? Did I miss him invading Poland while I was at lunch?

Assad's a bad guy, but he's fighting Al Qaeda. Which side do you want us to drop the bombs on?

You know that Iraq gassed Iran while Reagan was POTUS, did you speak up then? Reagan knew and did nothing. There's another dozen uses of chemicals over the last few decades we didn't care about as well.

Or how about the oceans of Agent Orange we ourselves dropped on Vietnam? How about you ask one of the nearly 40,000 US vets who came home with lymphoma or leukemia how they feel having been poisoned by their own government?

Or the 3 million Vietnamese exposed to AO who are now sick, or the 150,000 children who now have various birth defects associated with OUR use of a chemical weapon?

Are you saying the US is like Hitler? I don't recall Vietnam invading Ahwatukee?

There were already 100,000 deaths in Syria before any chemical weapons were used, why didn't you speak up then? Is it only chemical weapons you care about? Blasting someone's mother/father/daughter/son to pieces is "acceptable"?

How about you look just a few miles south to Mexico, where our drug laws have made smuggling a billion dollar business run by gangsters, who are killing thousands each year while they work diligently to deliver America her party supplies.

Maybe we should treat drugs like the medical problem it is and take the profit out of dealing. Or would you rather bomb Mexico?

Or how about what happens after we finish up a war? Trillions over the coming decades to care for our wounded vets, and we better care for them and not complain that "we can't afford it".

What are your thoughts on the over 100,000,000 land-mines buried around the world? 2,000 of them go off each month.

2,000 a month all year long, usually when some kid find one in a field and treats it like a toy, Paul. Have any plans to end that killing?

Maybe there's a lot to consider, sir, maybe bombing Syria to teach Iran a lesson will instead just make Iran "Stand Their Ground" and work on some WMD's.

I want peace, but after decades of wars, we should have learned something by now. When was the last time we "won" a war, and tell me what we won?

Maybe when Karl Rove and the usual bunch of neo-cons tell us to bomb another middle east country we say "fool me once, pal". Pal is not the word I would like to use, but it's a family website.

But if you're so sure we need to get into another mess in the middle east, how about you go first?


Well, as of this morning, there's a non-military option being looked at, Syria giving up their chemical weapons to the UN.

Let see how this goes.

Sorry no one got to shoot their guns or drop their bombs.

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