I was very pleased to see the recent endorsement of Scott Smith by Gov. Jan Brewer. As both a successful business person and course-altering mayor of Mesa, Smith has demonstrated the vision, pragmatism and leadership qualities that our state needs in its next governor. While other candidates and out-of-state money are taking shots at Smith that are full of spin and inaccuracies, he has responded by offering to sit face-to-face with critics in full view of the media to get out the truth.

Neither Brewer nor Smith supported “Obamacare,” as the attack ads imply. Both supported a responsible and morally decent decision for our state regarding Medicaid, given the existing law. Unlike some other candidates, I don’t hear Smith making unrealistic, pie-in-the-sky promises about solving immigration/border issues. I hear him talking about realistic solutions, and growing our Arizona economy and putting people to work.

As far as I can discern, none of the other candidates can demonstrate his level of combined public/private success, nor do they have the willingness to engage a broad spectrum of people and organizations in order to move Arizona forward in ways that benefit the vast majority of our citizens. He gets my endorsement and my vote.

Bob Beane

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