Dear Editor:

I wonder if the readership of the AFN could put their heads together to come up with ideas to help the local high schools get people into the DV vs. MP football games without having to wait in line for 50 minutes?

The Arizona Republic's article about the game mentioned the small number of people in the stands as a demonstration that the rivalry has lost a bit of its luster - but they completely misread the situation. The game and the rivalry are as strong as ever, in my observation there were just hundreds of people stuck outside the stadium in line until well after the first half ended.

Make no mistake this was a problem last year at DV as well. This is a small problem in the big scheme of things, but it is a problem that could be solved. How about we work together here in the letters to the AFN editor to help solve it?

Here are two ideas to get things started:

• Perhaps the schools could channel their rivalry toward a healthy competition - which school can come up with the most efficient way of selling tickets?

• Have more than two football booster moms at each entrance selling tickets. The boosters are great, and the ones at our entrance were doing a great job considering all the craziness, but there were only two of them and hundreds of people in line who all had to pass through those two overworked souls.

Joel Wakefield

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